Hi from Brunei

Hi, My name is Jemmy Liaw (my friends call me Jim). I’m a 18 year old chinese male from Brunei (a small country way in South East Asia). I’m a total dunce when it comes to harmonics but I hope to play one someday. I had a Hohner Traveller and it was a gift from a very very precious friend, but ever since she passed away and I have never play the harmonica before… so I have been keeping it as a personal memento.

I currently in a School light music band (my group is called “Mash” well, it’s kinda like rock n roll band). I am a guitarist and there are 5 of us in the band (that includes me of course ><"). I would like to learn how to play the harmonic and so that I may be able to improve the band some more ^^ and also a way to keeping “her” memories alive #blush#.

Anyways, my friend used to tell me “a harmonica is to keep the happy times inside us, when you are sad or lonely it reminds us of those happy times and when we are happy it makes us a lot more happier” it’s a cliche, isn’t it?

All in all, it’s nice to meet all of you! Lets be friends OK!!

Ps. Sorry for my terriblly poor English… bow

Hi Jim,

You found the right place to be If you haven’t checked out this
sight this might be a good place to starthttp://www.harmonica.com/] http://www.harmonica.com/ :wink:

You probably have already if you got here. Check out all JP"S free youtube videos also, there a great resource,
and definitely consider his DVD CD set, I bought it and highly recommend it

I really think that playing guitar is going to help you out in the long run with you harmonica
journey, don’t be surprised if this harmonica takes over your life ::slight_smile:

Any questions don’t be afraid to ask there’s a lot of fine people here to help you on your way 8)

Most of all make it fun ;D


By the way your English is fine :slight_smile:

Harp on!!

nǐ hǎo, jimmy!

enjoyed your intro…

liked your sig too:

Let the Soul and emotions do the rock'n for ya!

welcome to our classroom - 欢迎到我们班来 Huan-In-Dao-War-Men-Ban-Lay!

hǎo yùn

keep on harpin’!

spd out!

Hi jemmy,
nice to see ya !! :wink:

“The harmonica is one of the smallest yet most versatile and expressive instruments in the musical world: from the Country Blues of Sonny Terry to the orchestral works of Larry Adler it can express joy and sorrow and get people up dancing”

as said by folk musician Mike Harding, and definitely true…good luck with your journey… :wink:

Wow, I went to websites that you recommended and tried some of the simple lessons (basically I just follow along). It is very easy. I never knew about the deep relaxed mouth method before but now I do. My uncle used to tell me to kiss the harmonica to make a clear one note and believe me my cheeks gets kinda sore after a while (BTW my uncle used to be a harmonica player back in the day, he plays a 24 hole harmonica, I wonder if there are the same as my ten hole ones or not)

Anyways, I keep on learning. I have a question though… which kind of harmonica should I start first?

Not the 24-hole big banger, that’s for sure! :o

A 10-hole diatonic! :slight_smile:

In C! :wink:

May have to look around - But either a Hohner Special 20; a Lee Oskar; or guys who know more about Suzukis can help you from here! :smiley:

Good Luck!

Keep us posted!

Start On Harpin’!

Hey I just discovered my Hohner Traveler is C key. But it does sounded kinda weird when I blow it though…

Well not actually familiar with that type of Hohner…

And not familiar to what you’re actually hearing either…

However, from experiences here: If somewhere it says it’s made in China, in your neck of the woods, and not from Germany, well…best time now to start looking for the screwdriver kit to open it up and learn a little maintenance/gapping on it!

Then it should work for awhile from there.

Keep on smiling!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

Jemmy get your self a Hohner Golden Melody key of “C” I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Go online and order one I think there about 35 bucks U.S. Dollars.

So it wont break the bank and there great for learning to play tunes.

Harp ON!!

I’ll try that, Thank you. I think I’ll stick with the existing harmonica for now, however I’ll take a looksee and use that as a spare though. By the way, what’s “gapping”?

what's "gapping"?

Howdy Jim!

In it’s simplest terms, gapping (also known as offsetting) is the distance the free end of the reed is away from the reed plate in its slot.

If you just take the covers off your harmonica (being careful to note which cover has the numbers on it and which doesn’t - the one with the numbers is the blow cover; the one without is the draw cover) and look at everything else inside, you’ll see a brass plate where you can see the reeds on one side; and on the other you can’t.

The ones you can see are the draw reeds; the others you can’t are the blow reeds.

Take a close up look at the draw reed plate and you will see how far apart the free ends of the reeds are from their particular slots.

Generally on a new harp, the gaps or offset should all look about equal; but that’s not always the case.

On the lower end, where the reeds are longer, usually the gaps or offsets are bigger than on the higher end where the reeds are shorter and closer to their slots.

Yet no matter what you see, it’s the spacing in these gaps which cause ‘air leakage’ - meaning, beacuse of these spaces it takes a lot more effort for the notes, holes, reeds to play easier.

This then requires regapping. Meaning, you have to now learn how to get the reeds adjusted better to the reed plates.

Thing is, as Richard Sleigh and other customizers will tell you - Working on your harps is as much a science as it is an art too!

Takes time and lots of patience to get everything to where you will like it, feel it and hear it for yourself.

Here’s only a few vids of many avaliable to help you along the way:

Adjusting harmonica reeds- Part 1

adjusting reeds part 2

Reed adjustments, part 3 of 3

But bottom line is: Only experience will give you the knowledge to fully understand and appreciate these things.

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!

Hey Jim,

I really like the wisdom your friend shared with you, that is some of the magic of the harmonica…

I think she would be greatly honored if you played her harmonica…I myself found solace from the pain of losing one of my best buddies by playing harmonica…so I encourage you to keep it up.

The forum is a great source for support when learning to play…looking forward to more of your posts



Thank you for your encouragement and thank you for the free lessons you sent me by email too.

I’m saving up for your dvd set too.

I have a few questions I would like to ask…

how does one maintain a harmonica?
What I should avoid using when cleaning the harmonica?


small question...how does one maintain a harmonica?

Big Answer: Read through the forum! Start here:


Good luck, Jimmy!

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