Hi From Guernsey

Hi Guys,
My name is Geoff and I come ffrom Guernsey in the Channel Islands (small Island off the coast of France, but not French.)
I am 56 years old and have just purchased my first Harmonica and have also purchased JP’s instruction bundle. This guy looks like a real good teacher and I have had some fun, and success with his free instructional videos already.
Looking forward to talking and learning with you all.

Hi there Geoff ;D

Good luck to you with your harp, I love it and have been playing a couple years now
very addictive little instrument.

Have fun with it.

Harp On!!

You’ve made a great choice of instruments and sites. ENJOY

Welcome! Have fun and watch out for ‘GAS’! It will probly hit around the 6 month to one year mark. It can get castly! But don’t worry it’s all FUN! ;D

Like you I’m new to this too I’m looking forward to learning I would be interested to know how you do with the program you got right now I can’t I just can’t swing it

Good luck and keep us posted

Howdy Blue!

Am sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy the world’s most favorite and best-selling home harmonica course boxed dvd set by JP Allen!

Howdy (W)illtri!

Please don’t forget to sign up for JP’s free lessons at harmonica.com! As well as enjoy everything the forum has to offer!

Welcome ya’ll aboard!

Have fun!


Keep on Harpin’!

Hello Geoff…I am new to the harmonica and going through the JP Allen course myself. This is a great forum and everyone here seems willing to help!


Hey Guernsey,

Great to have you on board!! I’m stoked that you’ve got the bundle and are working with it already…keep it up. Please keep us posted if you have any questions, concerns or challenges along the way.

(And thanks for the pitch once again SPD…your the man)

Your harmonica buddy,