Hi from Illinois

New player here. 34 years of bass guitar now getting into blues harp. Playing Special 20.

welcome bassdude I came from 20years playing 6string acoustic to playing the harp, any questions … just ask


Rock on

Welcome to the forum! We will help when we can, or point you in the right direction. ;D

Pleased to meet you!

Feel free to ask any questions that you might have!

Peace Out!


Hey what’s up Bass, you picked a good harp to start out with.

Harp On!!

Howdy Howdy Mr Bassdude. Glad to have you with us.
Hey there Joe! We just got in a whole new stock of (some Snappy) tools and chests for each work station. Now we just have to keep 'em on the job and not walking off again.
Bass, I can’t wait to hear good reports.


Yup Snap-on Tools they will tend to grow legs.

I think that is why most places make you provide your own tools.