HI from NC

Hello all,

I am a 38 year old southern farmgirl (you wont find a southern belle here) and a mother of two teens.

Been tooting my lil horn for about 6 years, nothing great but I do enjoy it.

To be honest, I had some health issues, and laid it down for a about 2 years in the middle of that, and am now picking it back up.

I have all keys in Special 20, but I also have a Firebreath in both C and G, and I love love love the firebreath.

I play single note melody, very basic and beginner, never really mastered any skills.

I have been using the u-tongue block method for my single note stuff, but stumbled upon JP’s site in the quest for more knowledge.

I do hope to get the video series, but cant swing the cost right now, so I have enjoyed the free videos that he has to offer.

I have been trying to learn the deep relaxed method, but am having some serious trouble with the blowing single notes. I cant get a good seal, and am losing WAY too much air, but alas, that should be a different post in a different place.

It’s strange to me to be on a harp site, with so many great players, yet I am a novice who has played for 6 years. LOL, talk about slow progression!

Anyway, nice to meet ya’ll

Howdy Ya’ll Ang!

We got some of yore Carolinians about these parts, so you should feel right at homey here fo shure!!

To help out with the JP’s DRE, might want to check out this thread we done talked about way back yonder a piece: http://www.harmonica.com/forums/how-to-play/deep-relaxed-embouchure-extra!/

Don’t be shy…

Don’t be a stranger…

Just g’wan belly up to the bar now…We got at least 12 of them for a’hootin and a’playin da Blues!!

Ya’ll come back now hear!


Keep On Harpin’!

lol, methinks you’ve watched too much gone with the wind.

Thanks for the welcome and the link.


Welcome, and Best of Luck with the playing! You made the right choice coming onto this forum!

Peace Out!


lol, methinks you've watched too much gone with the wind.

Well, Miss Ang –

You’d never catch me watching this almost four-hour chick flick any day of the week or weekend. What with its Overture, Intermission, and End Music too, just goes on and on damn near forever.

So I read the book instead!

Yeah right!


Keep On Harpin’!

Dont worry, I watched it once, it was terrible. You didnt miss a thing.