Hi from Russia

Hi everybody!!

I’m happy to be together with you.
And special thanks to JP for patience and enthusiasm.
Sure some when I’ll start playing. I’m 44, but still a dreamer!! 8)


Welcome, Igor! It’s good to have dreams! Without dreams we become stale. Dreams are what keeps us alive!

Good to have you here, I/we hope that you will enjoy it here. Have FUN and happy harpin’! ;D
Ask anything you want someone will answer, but read through all or most everything, because most every topic has already been answered, mostly. :wink:

Hi Igor great to make your acquaintance from way on the other side of the world ;D

[i]Your going to find a wealth of information as you go through some of the forum threads.

Take your time and if you get stuck while your learning you can definitely post
some of your questions here. There will bond to be someone who’s
gone or going through something similar that you may be struggling with.

Have fun learning this wonderful instrument.

[b]Make it fun and keep posting your questions comments or accomplishments.

Harp on!! ;D[/b]


Thank a lot!!!
reading through the forum I’m finding many interesting things, not only about harping, but different people and countries, and most of all about English language which I’m not perfect in ;D

Hey Igor,

I’m excited to have you with us all the way from Russia…and thank you for your compliments…

Please feel free to post any questions you may have so we can support you in fulfilling your dream of playing harmonica…

Your harmonica buddy,


Доброе утро! (Good morning!)

Добрый день! (Good afternoon!)

Добрый вечер! (Good evening!)

Рад тебя видеть! (Nice to see you!)

But, um, which one is it? Y’know like is it Eeegor or Eyegor?!

Just wondering!


Keep on harpin’!

До свидания (Bye til next time!)

Frankenstein meets Igor

puttin on the ritz

There is so much entertainment here on the forum.

I’d rather be here than watching TV

Great stuff SPD

Harp On!!

I’ll say! Never know where this journey’s going to take you next!

I wanted to find out why the name Gary Cooper, a silent eventually turned talkie movie star, was used in Puttin’ On The Ritz!

So I found:



Yet this Irving Berlin tune wasn’t exactly complimentary:


Apparently also, Gary Cooper back when, when he was included in the lyrics, is what we’d probably today call a GQ guy or the Sexiest Man Alive many decades before these terms ever came into being and/or vogue!

But here’s 3 other versions of Berlin’s tune. The first is the original early talkie by Harry Richman long before Fred Astaire kicked it up to classic song Heaven. Yet the second (before Astaire too) if you watch closely, the Clark Cable clip was the “smug” original intent of the song itself. And of the third, my how times and meanings have changed when this brother and sister did their act.

Yeppers, the stuff you find on this forum! Enjoy!!

Harry Richman - Puttin on the Ritz

Clark Gable - Puttin on the Ritz

Michael Jackson Puttin´ on the Ritz

Actually it should be read as ['i:gor] (Eeegor) ;D

Happy harping!!

Spasiba! :wink:

Nice to know ['i:gor] (Eeegor) Igor! :slight_smile:

Rock on, yo! :smiley:

Just in case our favorite movies didn’t play in your area Igor,
the Eyegor joke was done in the movie “The Young Frankenstein” by the master comedian
Marty Feldman with the wild eyes…boy we all loved hom. I loved Peter Boyle too, one of my all time favorites.
If you have never seen the movie, Igor, you’ll have to watch it.

SPD, I wish I could have placed a bet, because somehow I knew you would ask that question (which was instantly on my mind too) and link the movie clip.
By the way, thanks for all those clips! Especially the Gable one. What a blast!

Igor, you’re going to love it here if you can get used to our warped American humor (some call what we do humor anyway…actually, I think that was us).
Welcome to our home.

SPD, I wish I could have placed a bet, because somehow I knew you would ask that question

I’d’ve taken a little side action on that bet too! :wink:

But um don’t tell me I’m becoming that unpredictably predictable! :o

(which was instantly on my mind too) and link the movie clip.

Ah, like I always say then: Great minds think like me! 8)

So it’s all good! :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks for all those clips! Especially the Gable one. What a blast!

Amazing what you can find and dig up on this fad called the Internet…Especially to ‘illustrate’ and ‘demonstrate’ thoughts, ideas, humor, etc. ::slight_smile:

Wonder if it’ll ever catch on…Whadyathink, whadyaknow, whadyasay?! :smiley:

Hope it lasts too! This forum that is! ;D

Rock on, yo!

IMO, Hollywood school is very strong. You have many incredible actors, but some pictures ruins because of bad scenarios. It’s not about “The Young Frankenstein”, I didn’t saw it, but I understood the joke about “Eyegor” :smiley: ,Marty Feldman has “speaking” eyes.


Hollywood school is very strong.
Howdy Igor!

Well that may be true today; however back when film making was new, one particular movie from your neck of the woods had a big and continuing/lasting effect on Hollywood itself!

I recently saw this movie on TCM’s (Tuner Classic Movies) Silent Sunday Cinema. It’s definitely captivating and quite shocking to say the least. Why?

Because it’s based on true events that occurred in 1905! Which if memory serves correctly, would lead to and was the beginning of what would become the Russian Revolution approximately 10 years later!

Since it’s not Sunday; but it is TGIFriday - A good time to kick back, relax and watch a flick - Well, pop some popcorn; turn down the lights; and enjoy this one helluva cinematic presentation especially prepared for you here. Peace & SPD At The Movies!


Trailer: Battleship Potemkin with music by Christoph Pajer

Battleship Potemkin (1925) - Full Movie

The Odessa Steps and Its Descendants

Neil Tennant - Battleship Potemkin interview (2004)

Petition Battleship Potemkin (Pet Shop Boys)

Thanks, Spud!
But Pet Shop Boys?
What’s next, Back Street Boys?
Cool videos.


Honestly, truthfully – I don’t know the Pet Shop Boys from the Pep Boys! <<<Manny, Moe & Jack! And mostly a national auto maintenance supply/repair shop for us here in the States! anywho…}

Just as my observations and one man’s humble opinion go:

When it comes to the “Silents” non-talkie movies, I so much prefer the much older most original music scores that went with them.

While Eisenstein, not “Einstein”, wished that other music scores would be created every so 10-20 years to keep this great movie relevant throughout the generations as it’s noted –

Well although this movie is no doubt a triumphant classic, still, the USSR as we knew it no longer exists. However this being said:

Sometimes musical updates rather than enhance, instead actually ‘kill’ the mood of story. Since TCM is basically the only broadcast channel where you can actually see Silents anymore…Occasionally they’ll play movies with updated scores that for a lack of better word: Sucks!

I don’t recall the movie, yet somebody added Jazz to it. Not just a little, a lot throughout. For me, Jazz “Jazz” can only be handled in bits and pieces. And this particular Jazz didn’t even fit the action or the scenes very well to boot; and even turning down the audio didn’t help on this one – So it took me completely out of the flick.

Perhaps for this reason as well, Charlie Chaplin instinctively knew the importance of music setting a mood. Therefore, he wrote and created what music would be played for his movies. Same goes for Clint Eastwood decades later who writes/creates his own music for his produced/directed movies too!

So updated music scores for Silents don’t always work as good as the originals.

However, this being said – Another Silent that has had many musical transformations over the decades is the Fritz Lang super-classic: Metropolis!

Back in the early '80s, while living in Bremerton, Washington - A buddy who was a big sci-fi fan wanted to see the newly updated and restored movie. We took the ferry over to Seattle, and sat and watched this most amazing cinematic masterpiece twice that day.

(later, he went back on his own and saw it a few times more before it was finally gone! nevertheless…)

Great thing about this update was the Rock & Roll music score to it.

I won’t post the whole movie up here. Just enough to familiarize though:


You can track down the full movie on YouTube yourself. Yet to illustrate my point, I was able to locate some of Queen’s contributions in this restoration here:

Queen - Radio Ga Ga (with restored Metropolis footage)

queen freddie mercury love kills metropolis

Thing is - I actually enjoyed the whole score. Unfortunately, as this was ‘an event’ at the time, methinks - save for various MTV-like clips/mixes - most anybody would be hard-pressed to find the entire version like it was shown then nowadays.

I’m pretty sure not even TCM has ever played it; and my old VHS copy from way back when had the original score on it too!

In any event - Pet Shop Boys, Back Street Boys, or Pep Boys – When the music works, it works. When it doesn’t, oh well…Makes life that much more interesting and diverse, eh?!

Am just saying…

So Smiles!

Keep on Jammin’, Yo!

Of course, for today. In USSR there were many dramatic subjects for good scenarios, and were many actors who were not playing, but living with their heroes. And nowadays all movies and soaps are about criminals, police, country life and love stories about rich man and poor girl, like Brazilian ones and in the same decorations :o Oh, yes, I’ve forgot about pseudo-historical pictures… I’m filling more while looking Toy Story with my daughter ;D I’m very sad about it.
About music: yes, the connection of sound and picture is very important. Unfortunately in Russia there’s not good tradition of stand-by duplication for foreign pictures >:( in this case sound track could be lost or lowed. And moreover - the VOICES!! The most disgusting (10 years passed, but I couldn’t forget ;D) was “Face/off”, where Travolta was dubbed with so squeaky voice :smiley:

OK, it’s time to change laptop for my family))))
Thanks for interesting links, I’ll try to see Potemkin one more time, before I saw it a schoolboy, some when in the end of 70’s. It will be in the queue after “Casablanka”, which I’ve downloaded not far ago ::slight_smile: And hope I’ll find the time for harping meanwhile!

Kind regards,

Howdy Igor!

Yeah, sure, when I lived in Northern Mexico, I knew all about badly dubbed USA movies etc. Thing is, Hollywood as well as Music Land has been dealing with pirated/resold copies of their works for decades. Not so hard though as nowadays with the explosion of technologies - from video recorders in the actual theaters themselves; to various Napster-like share programs all over the internet world - making their never-ending battles against copyright piracy even more frustrating.

On the one hand, sites like Hulu, it’s knock-off Fancast, and now even YouTube and IMDB showing full length movies and such – blending personal computers with entertainment in respectable places can be a good thing.

On the other hand, I’ve been to other places offering newly-released still-in-the-theater movies – And they’re nothing more than those pirated substandard versions, along with hacking and filled with virus sites. So surfers and those who think they can get something for nothing beware!!


While the world experienced the Cold War from the end of World War II circa 1945/46 to the Peristroika programs in '86 to when the Berlin Wall finally came tumbling down in '89 virtually ending it et al –

While Hollywood and others made so many “Us against Them” productions too numerous to even mention and/or consider –

Still, during all that time, the former USSR continued to have their popular influences in major cinema everywhere.

Most of a certain age here will remember this movie:



And I know girls today who still look at it as a cool chick flick too!

But then there are these others as well. Both directly from the USSR:



My thoughts on all this is, sure, there’s tons of junk produced the world over every single year. Yet by the time the Oscars and other award shows roll around - Well, it’s the hope that the best of the best productions are/will be rewarded for their efforts.

From Germany, Japan, India, Italy, the list goes on and on. Perhaps in 2011 it will be Mother Russia’s turn to be nominated and/or accept their award(s) again!

Again though, as far as badly dubbed USA movies and programs go – Well, it’s not just in your country, it’s in others too.

In my going across the border to watch those USA poorly dubbed Mexican movies – The biggest thing I remember was the happy faces on those being able to see them at the time. Yeppers, certainly something globally universal about The Movies!

Hope you enjoy watching Battleship Potemkin again. It’s definitely that kind of movie worth seeing more than once!

But um, now as far as transcendental universal comedy goes? Well, don’t even get me started on Benny Hill! Hehehehe! Anywhat…

Спасибо большое ( Spasibo bolshoe) - Thanks so much!


Rock on, yo!!