Hi from Serbia

Hi girls and guys!

Greetings from Serbia :slight_smile:

I hope this board will help me continue my practicing again :slight_smile:

Welcome Mario! I found that what makes me play more is to ALWAYS have a harmonica with you. I most often have one in my pocket so when I move around it’s there and I ALWAY have one or several in the car.


I guess I first have to break that first barrier of knowing to play at least one song or a scale correctly and then I will have more motivation to practice whenever I can :slight_smile:

And I too carry C-tone harp with me all the time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the moral support! :slight_smile:

Zdravo Mario! (Or is that Hola, Mario!)<<<honestly I looked up the Serbian greeting here, but ‘Mario’ is also a Hispanic name, so…anyways>>>>

Please let us know if you’ve watched any JP Allen’s YouTube lessons to help all beginners everywhere; and/or actually have his wonderful home harmonica dvd course already - and the best home harmonica course in the world anywhere! <<< JP Allen might be too humble to say that, but I’m not! Nevertheless…>>>>

I really believe your hanging around this new support forum will pay you back in big dividends!

Please read the helpful posts and comments from everyone here in our little sector of the harmonica universe; and by all means post your own questions/comments on whatever comes to mind to help you become the best harp player you can always!

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!

Yup, zdravo means hi in Serbian :slight_smile:

I soaked all JP’s videos from YT (I even downloaded them to have them by at all times), I also have some other videos (Barrett’s Building Harmonica Technique), but unfortunately I still didn’t turn the scale towards buying JP’s courses, although I find his methods far superior (at least when it comes to myself).

I made a 2-3 months pause and now I’m getting ready to start “practicing” again. JP spoiled me with those free newsletter videos :smiley: Very often I show that video where JP found a guy at the parking lot and jammed with him and amped harps :smiley: That’s a start :slight_smile:

SPD, thanks for your interest! :slight_smile: I believe I will invest in JP’s DVDs. He really offered a variety of stuff and payment dynamics you cannot find anywhere else :slight_smile:

Zdravo Mario! <<<yay! I got that right, and you’re English is excellent! I like to say I’m singularly multi-lingual! It’s all good Prijatelj (male) or is it Prijateljica (female)? - Anywho…>>>

Now JP Allen may be the first (because he’s so humble) to admit that he’s not the only place to learn harmonica! I’m not getting paid for making any endorsements here, but Mario, people from all over the world are JP Allen fans…He’s just that good!

The great thing is, we now have a global forum for everybody to share and help each other with JP Allen’s harmonica lessons!

So as long as we’re here…Hopefully, quite a long time, you can and will learn to play and certainly enjoy harmonica for the rest of your life - Which will be a long great one too! Zivio Ziveli!

And as JP Allen says: Relax! And have fun always!

Me too!

Hvala, Drzi Se!

Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, I’m “prijatelj”, buddy :slight_smile: I hope that harmonica is equally appealing to “prijateljica” too, as for some reason female population of any forum (which is not female by default) is often scarce.

Yup, it’s all about the practice and interaction with other people, the teacher, but also the community. I knew about the teacher, but I was surprised to see the amount of registered users on the day the newsletter came in :smiley: I thought to myself “Cool, JP’s offering another treat, let me get myself in”, but then I saw almost 550 people registered before I did…in 6 hours :smiley:

Cool Pritalelj!

If Serbian girls are a scarecity where you’re at…Well my email boxes are full of: “Hey Mr. America, I’m a good Russian girl for you!” ads!

{Truth be told, I’ve got some great pics and some really nice conversations with your ‘friendlys!’ Hope you don’t mind! ::)}

But hey there, Serbian Lover - Am hoping once you can and do play a few good tunes on your harp - Them Prijatelijicas will be all over your own sweet self! {Will certainly help in reducing all them emails in my boxes, for sure!}

Ciao Babe! :wink:

Another greeting from Serbia. I am glad that this site has it all over harmonica lovers. I play three years and all I know I learned through the various harmonics of sites, and I’m sorry that I never had the chance to play with someone, and to sample the amplifier.

Wow! Two posts! Serbia is in the house!!!

Hey Mario and Zglouz!

Do you guys live close to each other…by some miracle? Maybe you can hook up and inspire one another.

I glad the lessons are helping you Mario. Email me at jp@harmonica.com if there’s any other way I can help you.



Best regards to human and harpplayer size -JP Allen , from distant Serbia. So far I’ve only watched the video and now we’re addressing. I can not believe and I’m very pleased.

One more “Hi” from these parts - from Montenegro… I am playing harmonica since I was 10, and I am 23 now, I have learned bending alone, as well as overblow by talking trough harmonica, maybe it is not working for everyone, but i made overblows by saying slowly “How do you do” on 4th hole, and got it on “dO yOU dO”… And bending is as simple as that, just saying “eeh ooh eeh ooh” and you will hear difference so you can work it out to clean bend or overblow… I came here to learn more from you, JP, because I am really slow player and recently I got some interest in Irish music, which is kinda fast.


Hope you meet up with Bill T. and some others around the forum who like them Irish fiddle tunes!

Am thinking you all will hit it off just great!

And here’s some links for you to check out that perhaps can help you along the way:




See ya!

Hey Pekom thanks for the tip.

but i made overblows by saying slowly “How do you do” on 4th hole, and got it on “dO yOU dO”…

Just fooling around yesterday it took me a little while but I did it. And I know I did because i was
watching the bendometer software and I saw it…And could obviously here it too.

I don’t know how I could ever use it in a riff it would take a ton of practice thats for sure
but hey I know its there it was pretty cool to be able to hear that overblow bend that reed

Harp On!!

I guess different mouth formations work for different people. Everyone has a different structure somewhat. Like JP says, it’s what works for us individually, huh?
I’m finding bends are coming easier and easier, but the tonal quality is a little lacking the deeper I get it to bend. I’m guessing that’s due to my embouchure being weak for the harp right now. Like any instrument, it’ll take time. What do you think? But I’m going to try your “Salutation Bend.”
You really need to copyright that name!


@ Pekom

i made overblows by saying slowly "How do you do" on 4th hole, and got it on [u][i][b]"dO yOU dO"[/b][/i][/u]...

I just tried it out on three different harps…It really works well!

Thanks, Man!

@ JF

I don't know how I could ever use it in a riff

Make one up!

Work out the 7B, 8B, 8B’, 9B, 9B’, 10B, 10B’, 10B" back and forth, over and over again.

The 10B, 10B’, 10B" will likely be the most difficult ala 3D, 3D’, 3D", 3D’" but it’s achievable.

Then try a three note riff as in: 8B’, 8B, 7B several times or anything similar.

You can also play “Row Row Row Your Boat” at the top end 7-10 using Blows/Draws and Overblows!

Experiment and have fun!


Keep on Harpin’!