Hi from Southern England

Hi, my first foray into a musical instrument in forty years, previously a bagpipe player…
Been at the harp for three days, got my first position scales nailed, looking to move on a bit. My harp snags my moustache so its already time to upgrade :wink: first harp costs me a few pence, so I am looking at something a bit smoother round the edges that wont tug on my face.
Planning on getting behind some music theory (and discipline) before diving into the blues, thats the plan anyway.

Okey dokey, Okey Donkey!
Howdy and welcome from sunny South Carolina.
I’m glad you’re with us. Some of the intervals with which you’re
familiar in pipes will show up on diatonic harmonicas.


Welcome to the forum. If you have face fuzz do not get a golden melody, my mustache/beard gets snagged on the edges all the time. >:( I’ve only got experience with hohner harps but can say that I have never gotten my whiskers stuck in a special 20.

Learning the major scale all the way up the harp is no easy feet. If you got that in 3 days then you are well on your way.