hi from Texas!!

Hi my name is Archie, and I received a hohner blues band set of harmonicas for my birthday last week and i was so excited! I started looking on the internet for ways to learn and i stumbled upon Jp’s dvds so i bought them! I have not received them yet but i have been practicing alot with the downloadable dvds. I have one question though. How much easier is it to learn if i had a special 20 instead of the one i have?

Hi Archie,

Welcome to the forum! and congrats with your bday!

to try and answer your question. That is something you get answered differently by each and everyone you ask. I Don’t think it’s easier. But I do think that some harps will feel more comfortable then others when played. Which ones are more comfortable differs from person to person. So play your birthday gift and if you feel money burning in your pocket and want try a different brand or model then by all means get a special 20 if you are curious for the experience! :smiley:

With the DVD’s you should also have gotten info about different brands and recommendations by JP on the thank you page. Give that a read.

Happy Harpin’!


Happy Birthday!

I’m the other new kid, lol.

I hope that you find this board as helpful as I do.

(and I’m jealous, I cant get the CDs yet)

thanks for the bday wishes!! and i received my cds yesterday and they are great i really love the way he teaches! i will keep yall informed on my development!

Welcome to the forum! Did you like the matching extra “C” harps (to match your set) that came with the CD’s?
You may want a Special 20 when it comes time to learn to bend. But the ones you have should serve you well to get started.

Yes I did like them and I already have a special 20 that I use most often!!

special 20 is way easier. I don’t like all of the leaks the blues band has. Now that I have been playing a while I can go back to the blues band and make them sound pretty decent, but the special 20 is way nicer.

Now I want to try a suzuki Manji.

yes the special 20 is way easier than the blues band but i will always like that harp and my wonderful wife for giving them to me because thats what started my addiction to harmonica!!!


Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!