Hi from the Netherlands

Time to delurk. Hi everybody. My name is Ton and I live in the Netherlands.

I just started playing the harmonica. I don’t know exactly why I’m drawn to the little instrument. I’m a member of a local folk band. We play Irish songs with a lot of influences of seventies rock and whatever we see fit to our own sound. Just received my copy of the JP course yesterday. The 2 month stage idea sounds appealing. We are already performing on stage, would be nice if I can add the harmonica to our stage sound. Right now I’m the percussion guy but I’m facing some RSI problems that is bothering me in my playing. Hence I want to expand my instrument skills to the Harmonica to allow some rest in that area.

My current inspiration for the harmonica would be Brendan Power. I’m so amazed how he plays and combines different styles and sounds. Hope I’ll pick up things quickly. Already played some random notes yesterday jamming with our guitar and violin player (honest, no clue what I was doing/playing!). They played a song in G, already bought a G harp after checking with our violin player what we use regular as key. Turns out D and G are common in the Irish folk.

Now the violin player already asked me to work on that song because she saw potential. Just have to work on playing specific notes in a little less random order! ;D

Grasping melody has always been a challenge for me. I’m having fun with the harmonica already. Let’s see if this is my ticket to understanding it better! ;D



Hi Ton from the Netherlands!

Cool stories!

Sounds like you’re off to a great start with harmonica and JP Allen’s world’s best selling, most favorite harmonica course set!

To better help you out with the on-stage improvisation doing background, listen through JP’s Jam Tracks CD. You’ll find various styles of music and beats, and JP virtually walks you through them so you can better understand the changes and where/when to play them.

There are plenty of places to get backing tracks to give you and your band inspiration. This is just one here: http://harmonicaboogie.com/index.php

Before you know it, your random notes won’t be so random and the music of You will emerge!

Good luck!


Keep On Harpin’!

Come on in and join the group! Yer gonna like the new journey you’ve started on.

Hi back at ya!

Best of Luck on the Harp!

I think you will enjoy this forum place!

Peace Out!