Hi From The UK

My name is Tim and i live in Leeds which is in the UK, i am learning several instruments at the moment including :- Guitar, played Guitar since i was a kid and always loved it, Banjo i been learning about 6 months, Violin (Electric) Playing only a few weeks but loving the effects i get through my pedals and amp. Also Keyboard which is something i love playing and relaxing with, and Harmonica which i received today . It’s a Lee Oskar Diatonic in the Key of C, it shocked me on my first try as how easy it was to get a sound out of. The last time i had a Harmonica was over 40 years ago and for some reason thought i needed a bit more wind, the size was a shock as well, last time i held one i was a kid so obviously it felt big to a child and i just assumed it was bigger. Looking Forward to learning and hopefully i can learn using the pucker method, don’t fancy the Tongue Blocking Method. Probably loads of questions coming from me so looking forwrd to meeting you all.


Hi Tim,

Richie B from the Sunshine State Fl. Here’s a little something I put together.

I enjoy using Harmonica in all venues. So many possibilities. Keep Smiling and Have Fun !

Richie B Vasko

Hi Tim from another Brit.
I’m down in the UFO part of Suffolk and for the record music is alien to me at the moment.
You sure have a lot going on with your learnings, likewise here although slightly different.
I learnt Morse Code and Ham Radio, Photography and now the Harmonica.
I’m playing all the right notes…but as Eric Morecambe said "Not necessarily in the right order.
Regards Bob