Hi from West virginia

Hi every one, I have recently picked up the harmonica agian, and found this site! Hope to have alot of fun!

If ya’ll stick with it this time 'round, we knows you will! :smiley:



Keep On Harpin’!

Gurnie, Welcome to the forum! I don’t think very many of us stick with it right from the beginning. Once you get a grasp as to what’s going on the harp grasps back and won’t let go! Good luck on your 2nd stage of harp playing/learning and we will do all we can to help when you get stuck!

Yeah, I dropped it the first time I did it…but heck, I got it this time around!

Second Times the Charm, or something like that!

Welcome! You joined a good group! (If I don’t say so myself!)

Peace Out!