Hi, I'm Martin

Hi Folks, I’m Martin from the UK. After watching this video on you tube
I bought myself a Hohner Special 20. Would love to be able to play this tune. All the best.

Hello, Martin! I’m just learnin’ also! And you’ll be playin’ that tune in no time, I’m sure.
Welcome, and be sure to read all of what’s on here, it should only take acouple months! SPD does a good job with gettin all or any info you may want or need, and if he doesn’t or can’t get it, someone else will!
Oh, be sure to post some recordings of your progress, we all love to hear how each other are coming along. We are all here to give support! No one is gonna bash you I promiss! ;D Happy Harpin’!

Martin, hello and welcome from Albany, New York. First, in my humble opinion you’ve started off in the right direction by purchasing a Special 20, but don’t stop there get the other 11 keyed Special 20’s and that will make you the equivalent of a millionaire because no amount of money can buy a better harp. Secondly, all of us are beginners, I don’t know where the dividing line is between learning to play and being considered a player. Adam Gussow is still learning and he admits it.


Hey Martin,

That’s a sweet tune, and a nice goal to work toward. Hohner special 20 is my harmonica of choice…you’re off to a great start…Let us know how we can help you out to get the ball rolling.

Your harmonica buddy,


Yeppers, Toots & Chromatics are definitely someone and something to aspire to!

While with few exceptions, we do talk and conversate on mostly anything everything diatonics related –

For those who are interested in chromos, this is the #1 best resource site/forum on them:




Keep on Harpin’!

Thanks for the warm welcome. Seems a great bunch here. I will be staying and trying to learn. All the best.