Hi, I'm new user from Lebanon

Hi my name is Elie Obeid, I’m from Lebanon (small country in the middle east) I’m a computer science student.

I played harmonica, since i was 8 years old, but never used the tabs before. In lebanon, they don’t sell good harmonicas, maybe it’s not that popular around here, i used to play on chinese harmonicas.

I just got my new marine band, key of c, from amazon and i joined this forum to learn more about the tabs. I’m also trying to learn guitar.

I hope i can be helpful to this lovely community :slight_smile:

Take a look at www.harptabs.com (different from the first one), www.harpinanawhinin.com.
This should set you up on learning tabs. Biggest secret is to listen to how the song sounds before you start playing. Also keep in mind all tabs are not 100% written correctly. Trust your ear over the tabs.

thanks a lot!!! these websites are awesome!