Hi Im Tyler And I Just Started Learning To Play A Couple Weeks Ago

The Problem Im Having Is I Have A D Harmonica Because The Guy At The Musician Store Said “It Would Be The Best To Jam To Blues Style Music With Your Friends” (I Have A Hohner Blues Harp By The Way). But The Trouble Im Having Is Finding Any Sort Of Lesson Or Tabs For This Key So If Anyone Can Please Help Me Out With This It’d Be Great.

All tabs can be played in any key harp. The only time the key of harp matters is when you play WITH someone else. If you play straight harp also known as 1st position you will be playing in the key of “D” since you havw a D harp. If you play Cross Harp also known as 2nd position you will be playing in the key of “A”.
The guy at the musician store should have sold you a harp in the key of “C” which is what most beginner lessons are made to compliment.

Hey, congrats on starting the journey!
Like PB said, any tabs you find online will work with a key of D harp, but if you want to play with videos, jam tracks, or friends, make sure they’re playing in D. It’s pretty simple.

Pleased to meet you! It sounds like PB and J~J got it covered!

Peace Out!


Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.