Hi JP Thanks for being a great teacher!

I got a harp last christmas and bought your DVD set in desember 2009. This summer I was with about 30 people and one had Guitar and asked me to play blues with him. I was nervous but said ok lets try. I just used the tricks i learned from the dvd set and wow we blew the roof of the house the croud got mad and asked for more.
So thank you very much JP

Best regards
Oli from Iceland

Great story, Oli!


Have fun!

Keep On Haprin’!

Way to go Oli.
Gettin’ HOT in Iceland!


Way to go Oli!!! That’s what the blues does, it invites you in as you are and lets you go where ever you want to go and it all works!


Right on Oli!!

It feels so good to bring people joy and music…I’m stoked that you found the spark and let it rip…glad you’re getting the most out of the lessons…

Keep it up!!

Your harmonica buddy,

(I have to go look at my globe now, and figure out exactly where Iceland is…never did get a chance to venture your way)

Hey JP, it’s just about the opposite of Hawaii.
Actually I understand Greenland is very icy, and Iceland is very green (at times).


I’ve only seen the free lessons but what I like most about JP’s lessons, and I think it comes through because it is how he is as a person, is his humility. He never gives me the sense of “look how great I am and you could learn a lot from me”. When I watch him what comes across is “Come on in, you can have a lot of fun learning and playing and I want you to have a good time”. I guess what I am saying is he comes across as a very approachable person, and he is interesting and fun to listen to.

Thanks for the free lessons and hopefully I will be able to get your boxed set sometime.

PS. If anyone with the set reads this, is there much material on CD that is very helpful. The reason I ask is because there isn’t much time I can spend in front of my TV with a harmonica that there aren’t kids sleeping. Of course I guess they would get used to it in time.

Oh Ya,

I took his lessons probably about a 1 1/2 ago and if I remember right CD’s were packed with material
as well as the DVD’s

My personal opinion on JP’s Bundle was if you stick with it and take it slow WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!

Harp on

Thanks you all for great reply!

JP Iceland is a country of 300.000 people. It is not far away from Greenland.


It is the orange thing on the pic :wink:

There is something about your teaching method that makes people relax and don’t be afraid of experimenting the harp and just play and have a nice time.

Happy harpin everyone!


So that’s what the orange thing in the pic is…Your homeland! Hehehe!!

Last night I watched the silent cinema on Turner Classic Movies. While a fictional tale with some historical/geographical elements involving your neck of the woods and Viking explorer Lief Ericcson – The most interesting thing about this, it was all filmed in color:



Keep On Harpin’!

Hey Oli,

How’s it coming along? Blowing any roofs off lately?

I enjoyed googling Iceland, what an enchanting country! Reminds me of Alaska, the Prince William Sound in particular…so much wildlife…must be an amazing place to live…

Keep us posted on your progress…

Your harmonica buddy,


Hi JP,
Yes Iceland is a very nice country lot of unspoiled nature.
I’ve started to practice for my company annual celebration, they asked me to play few songs there with a guitarist. There will be about 300 people there. So now I am watching the DVDs almost daily and practicing so I can blow the roof off :wink:

Harp regards