Hi Just Ordered The Physical Version

I just ordered the physical version of the lessons and excited to learn the Harmonica

Howdy and welcome DreamCruiser!
I know you will love the lessons. Just stay with the flow of the lessons,
and don’t forget this is FUN!
Is this your first experience with harmonica, and what harmonica or
harmonicas do you have?


thebugleboy yes this is the first time trying to play a harmonica, I purchased my first harmonica in a 7 piece kit they are the Hohner Piedmont Blues.

I have been practicing in the key of c and noticed the harmonica is already breaking i have played it for about 5 hours, I am taking JP Allen’s advice and buying the Hohner Special 20

I really like JP’s lessons and learned the 12 bar blues yesterday so practice practice practice.

Before i signed up for JP’s lessons i played his you tube videos over and over and researched other lessons on the web and i kept coming back to his website i told myself this is the guy i want to take lessons from your right it is fun

Howdy again dreamcruiser!
There are plenty of lessons out there. You are right!
JP’s set seems (to me anyway, and I’m a trained instrumentalist
and music educator) to suit virtually anyone who wants
to learn harmonica. Harmonica is a different kind of animal
from many other instruments, and very similar at the same time,
don’t you think?
Let us know how you are doing.
I have some SP 20’s. They will get you where you want to go.


Hi thebugleboy,
I got a surprise from my son yesterday he came for dinner and brought me a Lee Oscar Harmonica in the key of c, I can play it better than the Piedmont Blues i packed them up and threw them in the closet and will never play them again, I learned Taps last night with JP Allen’s lessons

I am having so much fun learning from him

Hey dreamcruiser, hang on to that PB set.
The case is good for your better harps in all the keys
you are going to acquire. Until then, the PB’s will help
you get used to playing in different keys with recorded
(or live) tunes. The PB’s will also become good practice
fodder when you begin to learn how to open up a harp and
service them. Break a cheapie, big deal. Mess up a reed on
a good harp you enjoy playing, and you ruin a good day.
Practice gapping and more intense surgery on the inexpensive
harps until you’re comfortable with the routine.


Thanks for the advice bugleboy good idea, My family and friends are showering me with gifts as you know my son bought me a Lee Oscar Harmonica and my brother got me a Rocktron V50D Amp and a friend got me a Rocktron Wah Pedal. I am geeked man :slight_smile: