Hi My name is Sam and I am relatively new to the harmonica

I am a relatively new harmonica player trying to learn how to play and create a quality harmonica sound.
I recently purchased a Hohner special 20 key of C diatonic harp. I just ordered a Hohner Marine Band key of D harmonica.
I am interested in knowing which other harmonicas I should buy. I am looking for a practical price range not because I am cheap, but because at first I want a better than a beginner quality harp. If and when I become a better player I will invest in a more expensive but High qulity harp. So I am looking for suggestions and ideassssss.
Thank You in advance for any help you can give me.

Oh by the way I think I would like to change my ID because now I realize I made it too long.


To change your name, just click on Profile at the top of the screen - that’s where you’ll find everything from changing your name, password, email and everything else under the sun.

Welcome aboard by a beginning beginner ;D