Hi! Newbie introduction with a few questons :)

Hi there! Im a newbie from SWE who inherited a harmonica from my grandfather when he died. I thought id learn to play in honor of his memory.

Now after a few check ups on the internet, I believe what I have in my hand is a Hohner Super chromonica 12 holes 270(???) c. From what I hear most begin learning a 10 hole harmonica. Much easier to find lessons and stuff for that.

My question: Should I buy a more rookie friendly harmonica to practice on or should I learn on my grandfathers?
My goal is to be able to play blues/rock songs, if that is relevant to what kind of harmonica i should use.

thank you in advance! ;D

I started out 30+ yrs ago wanting to learn to play my fathers Chromatic Harmonica I inherited. I heard the same thing,“learn the diatonic 10 hole harmonica first.” Now at 52 yrs old I am still playing diatonic and have yet to play the chromatic (which I have 3). I have a set of 7 diatonics that I am totally addicted to and thoroughly enjoy. I have since read that learning chromatic is easier and is more dedicated(?) to playing melodies. (IDK)
You need to decide what your true goal is… what you what to play (music) vs. learning to play your inherited harps, and go from there. If your interested in playing the melodies go chromatic. If your interested in playing rock/blues, I would say learn diatonic. They are 2 totally different instruments, as different as a french horn vs. a trumpet or a piccolo vs. a flute. They are similar but totally different.

Thx for the info! I followed your advice and got myself a diatonic 10 hole one. A Hohner Pro Harp ms. ;D. The guy at the music store recommended it cause its good for beginners and it sticks with you as you get better. Now im going to annoy my roommate with my practice a bit. thanks! :slight_smile:


Totally start on the diatonic…its like the foundation for chromatic!

But thats one man’s opinion!

Peace Out!


That’s a great little harp to inherit. Enjoy both types.