Hi there

Heeey i just signed into this forum and i’ve been reading alot, the main reason that i have joined this is forum is because ive been looking for advice about harmonica.
Also ive been trying to get a song on the harmonica and im stuck , i was hoping someone out there could help me.
If anyone has any information the song id like to know how to play is this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eheFYJh0mVs) the whistle part has already been played on an harmonica and id really like to know if anyone got the tabs or any advice in how to play it.
Thank you all in advance
;D ;D ;D

Can’t help you but am dang glad you posted that vid link - I loved that song. First I’d heard of this guy or heard any of his songs - I like it a lot so thanks!

Harpin’ Doje