Hi to everybody

Hi, i’m Andrea, 33 years old from Toscana, Italy.
I’ve just played without method for a decade, until i found jp lessons, so i said “hey, why not trying?”
and i started to took it seriously… uhm… last week.
I hope to get really better very soon and to amuse myself and entertain my kids.

Go for it, Andrea! I haven’t played as yet, but am here looking for advice on what to start out with.

Good luck.

Hi Kiwi, i suggest you do Jp’s “happy harpin” lessons first… it helped me so much, especially in developing the love for harmonica by having fun…
before starting the lessons i would never imagine i could express my feelings with simple song like “ode to joy” or “happy birthday”, and they sound really cool with all the hand effects…

go for it, you won’t regret that choice!

Hi eatwood

I’d love to give JP’s lessons a go, but at the moment the price is a bit too steep for me.


Hi Kiwi,
did you check JP’s website? Have you tried with his newsletter? He’s gonna teach you some cool techniques, the same ones he teaches in his “happy harpin” lessons (even if shorter) and will teach you some cool tips.
There is also the option of 5 month payment, i didn’t try it though.

Thanks eatwood for the tip about jp’s newsletters. I’ll definitely give them a go.

My harp arrived in the mail today and I am breathless! lol. Am managing some solo notes, and attempting to bend a few. I think I can bend the first note ok, but have some practice to get in before managing anything else.

All it takes is a lot of practice and heaps of patience which I don’t have a lot of, but I’m determined to get there with this.


Yeah, you should definetely go for it…
The secret is not being too critical with yourself, just keep practicing and have fun!

I found a great help with the diaphragmatic breathing… I mean, it helped me a lot in the first days, even in normal life and i was enjoying it so much i kept practicing the rythm patterns even without harmonica.

What kind of harp did you get? I own a special 20 in the key of C, plus i got a Suzuki Manji that sounds fantastic (even if i preafer practicing with the special 20).

As i said before, the secret for me is non to bee too critical, enjoying and have fun!

Hi eatwood…I bought a Hohner Golden Melody in C. I’m starting to blow cleaner whole notes now and can bend also! Am feeling quite pleased with my progress so far.

Have you seen (heard) the reviews of the Hohner Marine Band Crossover harp on YouTube done by Steve Baker? It has a lovely sound. Has a laminated bamboo comb.

Happy harping :slight_smile:

i will surely check it out this weekend… up to now i feel comfortable with my special 20, i can have single note clean and can easily bend on holes 1 and 4… more difficultly on 2 and 3, but it’s only a matter of time and practice!
did you check jp’s newsletter? it’s gonna send you a lesson per day for about a couple of weeks and you can get cool tips on how to increase your skills

Happy harping 4 ever!