Hick Here

Hey y’all…
Thought I’d introduce myself…I am a 17 year old hick. I love guns, trucks, hunting, fishing, and all that good junk. Think of a Grandpa on a front porch with a shotgun…take away 60 years, and you got me. I obviously do harmonica, guitar, and everyother intstrument I can get my hands on, but harmonica is still my favorite. Currently I am in nebraska, but I have been in St. Louie, Minnesota and Thailand…all before 15! When I graduate later this year I will be moving back to minnesota.
–Burning Thunder

Welcome, Hick! Look forward to hear some of your music. ;D

I personnally liked your .com, thanks.


Hey Burning Thunder,

Thanks for posting…I’m a Yankee that lived in Texas for 10 years…so I embrace all Hicks…especially those with a harmonica in their holster.

Let us know if we can help you along

Your harmonica buddy,


Welcome to the forum thunder.

Great website.

Harp On!!