hitting correct half step on position 2 bends

I am using an electronic tuner to refine my position 2 bends. Instead of getting flats on the half step bends, the tuner is showing sharps. So on let’s say hole 3 intead of a A flat I’m getting a G sharp on the tuner. I have used 3 different harps in the key of C and the results are the same. What am I doing wrong if anything?

A flat and G sharp is the same note, different name. Same with A sharp and B flat, same note. All the way up the scale.

Thanks for clarifying. I feel a little stupid for not knowing but it’s great to have support. Thanks again.

No problem! I’ve had (and still have) questions I felt were maybe obvious “stupid”, You won’t find out the answer if you don’t ask. That’s what these forums are here for. Ask away, we will help (IF) we can.