Hitting the wall

Man the other night our band was playing a benefit for my son, who was injured in a motorcyle accident. I only play certain little riffs that I have down pat, and was having a tough time. Couldn’t even find the right holes to play… Messed up bad on Last Dance with Maryjane and ended up playin that little riff on the keyboard. (did that before playing harmonica) But seemed to be off one hole on the harp for everything. When I play, I gotta feel the music, which is most the time, but I guess I was just having an off night.

I hope this was just that, an off night. I love playing the harp and my keyboards, but man I think I hit a short wall the other night.


Hope all went well otherwise, Flip!

Was your son there? If so, hope he enjoyed everything regardless of your own thing going on inside. :slight_smile:

Am sure what you’re going through is just temporary. And here’s some soothing food for thoughts to help you get over those little humps. Even if you’ve read them before, they can always help to get you back into the groove of things, dontcha know?! :wink:



Keep us posted, eh?

Peace & SPD Out!