Hobo Jams

Okay, we just wanna put some feelers out there to see if this is an idea, or not.

This forum is just starting up, it has a good pool of users all ready and everyone is starting to feel all fine and groovy, getting to know eachother. We have all written posts and talked a whole lot. Now what?

What about an authentic jam contest? Hobostubs here is willing to play and record a jam track for us to use. This jam track will be posted on ReverbNation where you can buy it for 99cents, what you do is plug some speakers into your computer and then you jam along with Hobo. After enough practice you record it and post it in a thread we will make here. We will of course set a time limit, two weeks or something should be enough? When that limit is reached, all the contributions will be put up for voting, and here’s the deal: the winner gets 75% of the earnings made from selling the jam track at 99cents! The last 25% goes to Hobostubs for organizing it all, which I think is nothing but fair.

This might not be all that in the start, but if we look into the future this could become a great tradition, giving the forum an edge over other harmonica forums. Maybe one day we can have monthly contest with prizes sponsored by the bigger harmonica brands.

And by that I open this topic for discussion. We want this to be authentic, so everyone should chip in with ideas! And, I for one, does not want this to turn out to a money chasing contest. It’s about the fun, but a small prize can stimulate us to try extra hard, making it just a tad more fun :slight_smile:

I might be with you, God! ::slight_smile: (won’t be my first time either! hehehehe!)

Yet I’m still a’waiting the season premiere of this to open up:


Last year was good, am hoping this year will rock too! :slight_smile:

lol i was just joking really but hey ill set it up if you want you would need a paypal account so I could send the money to the winner.lol your crazy God.i think i like you. help Hobostubs buy a 6 pack enter and the 1st anal online oopps, im mean annual online harmonica contest with a cash prize.You to can be a winner are your chops top notch?,are you willing to put .99 cents to prove to the online harmonica comunity that you have what it takes to,take the money?Open to all ,novice to pro .99 cents and you to can take home the bacon.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ we dont care if your under age or over aged.your money is good with us.You dont even need your parents permission just there credit card $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you to can be considered a Harmonica God just ask God he’ll tell ya .99$$$$$$$$$$$ its like money in the bank.:slight_smile:


Gee, Hobo!

Would like to help you out, really I would!

But um just gave my last .89 cents towards a can of beer to help the pan handler who was playing the spoons last time I was jamming outside my fave Chinese restaurant waiting on my eggrolls and taxi!

Apparently, he lost the spoons, but not his thirst!

Catch me next time, eh?!

Ciao, dude!!

I might be game for all of the above. Sounds like fun.

One statment, I have an issue with god’s post. There is only one God, with a capitol G and you are not him.
You may be alot better at playing harmonica than I or anyone else hear, but you are not God.

Sorry if I offend anyone, just how I feel about it. If requested I will not ever post again.

My nickname is in no way, what so ever, a reflection of my character or my skills in any area. I just think it’s, well, cool? Someone reading through a thread and suddenly see God is posting :stuck_out_tongue:

If moderators can change my nickname, I’m open to that if people feel offended.

Buddah would do just fine, or maybe Elvis?

Oh God!

I’ve seen you on other forums if you be the same He!

Besides, no harm, no foul. It’s all good too!

And as Moderator, I won’t change your name. You can do that yourself from your profile. Only thing is - It changes everything all at once.

And then all our post exchanges will then really seem ‘weird’ to anybody just coming into read them.

Shout out to Tyson: Please don’t be offended. God’s okay to use here. And I’m not into censorship as is done elsewhere in other places. So you can post anything, anytime you want to! Just have fun and be yourself while doing it! Open honest conversation is what this place is all about:


Peace & SPD Out!

Jesus,i could have fun with God on here:-)but Tyson will get mad though but who know’s he might be God and just stoped in for a visit,And thats the form he wished to take,I talk to God everyday on a serious note if you want to get serious about it,But i usually cuss him everyday the devil too but mostly God,I sometimes wake so angry i dont know why, i just dont put a bullet in my head,or someone elses,thats the truth,I dont know why I was tight with God on a personal level untill i went to church and got saved,thats The one thing that i regret in my life,a life full of bad descisions is that,cause I lost my peace with God,Im not worried about Heaven or Hell but I would like to over come this anger towards God while im alive so i can once again feel peace.Today i was able to laugh a little while, and God was happy,but ive probelly made some people mad that have no idea what im feeling every day sence i was diped into that water,I try to express it in my music i find i can escape my turmoil for awhile,but it hasnt left me,I pray one day it will and i can feel like i did befor my inocence was lost due to mans interpretation of who they think God is,sorry to get on this subject,But it was going to go there anyways,this is who i am.I will never speak of this again.or commit back on it.may you have the peace i may never find again.

Dammit dude, lighten up on yourself, will ya?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but seriously, my friend, I know where you’re coming from though!

2009 was a bad year for me. But it’s 2010 now! Soon to be 2011, where did the time go?!

Don’t worry 2012 will be here soon enough as well, and we can all kiss our asses good-bye if the Mayans have any say in the matter!

But um, when you eventually find peace with yourself - no matter how long that takes you - well, at that time just remember to turn around and you’ll see Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, all and more saying: “Welcome back home, Hobo! We missed you!”


Keep on harpin’!

PS: I like chewing the fat with God - No matter what form he, she, or it takes!! :wink:

Sure is nice weather were having I love the fall :slight_smile:

Where’s your fall?

I’m here at the Northeastern PA neighborhood of the woods…

Been getting down to the 40s. Time to get the oil heater going! Brr! But still feels good! :wink:

your up the in Cigar box country they just had the national convention in York PA the other day,i heard I wasnt there,I live in Oklahoma,i like the cooler weather after a summer,when the leave’s start turning color,and you can go outside and play some harp and relax,yea i like the fall best,it can be peaceful.

Been through OK lots of times in my running days –

Old 69 - Down past Pryor and Checotah and all them…or up past them depending on which direction I was heading to and fro Texas on the trip!

I remember a big old lake crossing that connected with 44 or something. Built a Flying J around there too.

Ah yes, thems the good old days! 8)

Well, ya’ll… I am comfortable with all the responces to my post. This is just an issue I have to deal with. I would not be comfortable using that as a nickname, because of who He is to me. I just felt that I needed to speakup. I did learn something, there are others who enjoy their relationship God as much as I do. Subject will not be brought up by me again.

Now can we play some harmonica?


Well Ya’ll …That’s some Dang good Harp playing,

Just trying out my southern accent. ;D ;D LOL…Tyson did you get my text (from CT TO TEXAS)…

Hey I know you have a backing or I think you do of Shenandoah any way for you to email it to me,

I’ve been hooked on that tune for about 4 days, playing it every day all day.

About that tune you just played I don’t think I heard you play that tune before,
maybe what key were you in do you remember,

what kind of harp did you play…

Harp on!!

Joe, key of D Beta 1 Seydel.
Don’t know if I have Shenandoah… if I’ve got it, so will you shortly. sorry joe, I don’t do text, you’ll have to call.
(my daughter tried to get me to text, just can’t get the thumbs to work fast enough and it hurts my brain…)

Ya I had a truck full of customers when you called me but . Spending money so I can buy more harps.

harp on!!

Old 69 - Down past Pryor and Checotah

yea thats about 15 miles from where im at,I live in wagoner.Its a small world in some ways.
i was looking at some of the pics of York PA,from the Cigar box guitar convention,thats a old colonial looking up there,ive havent been there but it looked cool very nastalgic looking,looked like somewhere George Washington might live in PA:-)

Shout Out to JF!

Here you go with midis and everything for Shenandoah. What I do is play the song and music, then mute the music then come back to it. Know what I mean?! :wink:


Shout Out to Tyson!

Took me a couple of tries to get the link to play! Finally did, was worth the wait! :slight_smile:
And you’re good people too, bro! God Bless & Peace to You Always!

Shout Out to Hobo!

York is known worldwide for barbells and weights. Have a big giant rotating Hercules/Atlas-type holding up a set ontop their main office/warehouse. :o

Time was when I-83 would wind around the town; but too many accidents so they straightened out the road after about 30+ years. Did a great job on it too!

And yeah, it’s a bit colonial as well. Tail end of Amish country before the Maryland state line. You can run Route 30 right into Gettysburg from there also!

And didn’t know they had a Cigar Box Guitar convention there either; must’ve been cool!

And Wagoner was always on the Old 69 trail for sure! I liked convoying through them old towns in the middle of the night! And getting around the slower pokes when I was on my own!

Ah, great trucking memories! :slight_smile:

Later dudes (and dudettes when you read these posts! hehehe!)!!

Sure to some it may seem like it’s off the beaten path…

But who cares really? That’s what’s so good about this place here! Gotta love it! :smiley:

So I bumped into this on another site while I was surfing and practicing my songs.

Always an answer somewhere; and always an inspiration to lil ole me!

Hope it may be/do the same for you as well! :wink:


Peace & SPD Out!

Crying in the Chapel - Elvis Presley