Hohner Blue Ice Harmonicas

I just ordered some on ebay. Anybody know anything about these? Any good? Did I waste my 15 bucks (for 3)?

Charles never heard of them but let us know how they play.

harp On!!

They should be here the end of this week or early next week. The shipping was free so I’m sure it will be whatever was cheapest, thus slower. I’ll report when I get a chance to try them out.

Not to sound negative, but if it was $15.00 for three I wouldn’t have my hopes too far up.

I looked them up, on the bright side it looks like they come in a pretty nice case, so even if the harps are not great you’ll have a good case to put better ones in later.

Greg, that’s true. Also, my three youngest kids would probably all love to have one if I don’t like them. My wife would probably hate me, though.

My wife doesn’t mind when it’s the kids. She’s too happy to see them take an interest in music to be annoyed by the harping.

It’s March now the harps are bound to have arrived. How are they? And if they are any good where did you order them from? What Keys?

I found what keys they come in but would still like to know what you think of them and the case.