Hohner Echo Celeste tremolo -harp question-

Hi all, i’m curious about this harmonica because of it’s price (and i’m sort of broke and want a D key), i’ve been to amazon to see what reviews it’s received but i don’t trust amazon reviews very much, so here i am.

So, what do you folks think about this one? There’s that saying “you get what you pay for”, maybe this is not the case for this instrument?..

I don’t know anything about this harmonica, but I will say this.

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Most (most…not all) good diatonic harmonicas run $30-$60.

Just keep it in mind!


I’ve looked at a few reviews around the net and it seems that a few people report having probs with the highest notes squeaking and not sounding right…, i believe i wont waste the money.

Thank ya.