Hohner Harmonicas with MS Reed Plates

I’m trying to learn more about getting the most out my harmonicas by doing repair and maintiance. Sometimes there’s not going to be a choice but to replace a reed plate. What models of Hohner’s use the MS plates? Just need to find out what I can swap around.

On a similar note, I’m assuming the blow and draw reeds are not the same and can’t be substituted one for another?

Hey Mick,
The blow and draw reeds are oriented differently to the
comb. Of course you can’t exchange a blow plate for a
draw plate (or reed for reed from opposite plates) because
the reeds are pitched differently.
I think I have a reed slot size chart somewhere if you want it.
It includes many popular models.
I wouldn’t try to change reeds though; just change the whole
plate if needed. There is some work and technique involved,
not to mention a learning curve you don’t want to spend on
a harp you ever want to play seriously again.
Practice on a cheap disposable harp until you get the art down.
Here are the MS harps as per Hohner:
Blues Harp
Pro Harp
Big River
Blue Midnight
I thought there were others in the group. Maybe Hohner stopped
some because of the negative outcry. These are the ones listed
on the Hohner web site.
All these harmonicas use the exact same reed plates.
Rather than exchange reed plates, I would buy a new harp.
The cost is very close, and they can usually be found or ordered
quickly from a local dealer.


Thanks for the information. I didn’t think that the blow and draw reeds would be interchangeable, but I would have been really ticked if they were and I never asked.

The reed plates are pretty expensive so if there was an MS harp that was cheaper, I would just buy it and scavenge the reed plates out. So far I’m not having much luck on saving money. LOL. Anyway my new Special 20 arrived yesterday so at least I’m covered for Sunday’s gig.

Let me know how everything goes Sunday and how your BM plays
when it comes.