Hohner Marine Band run over by a car years ago...

All these years I figured it was a lost cause until I blew into it and realized the only wrong with it was the crushed cover. The reed plates are a little dirty from sitting in my drawer all these years, and one has a little bit of green corrosion, but nothing too major.

Oh, and I’m also missing most of the screws for the covers (only have 3 left).

So… I’m not even looking for something perfect, just functional. Is it more expensive to have someone try to reshape it than to just buy a replacement cover?

Are there people out there who actually repair damaged harmonica covers?

Could I do it myself with easy to acquire tools? I tried bending it manually, but those things are !tough! Which explains why it’s so rare to find replacement covers as opposed to replacement reeds.

Are there cheap generic off-brand covers that would be compatible?

As much as I like my harmonica, I don’t want to sink a total of $50-$60 into it (including the original purchase) if I don’t have to.

Thanks for all your help.

Save it for parts and spend $30 for a brand new Special20 or another Marine Band. Then get to playin"

I actually think I’m just going to buy a $1 Harmonica from the dollar store and drill some holes in the cover for the screws.