Hohner MB Crossover

Who has tried the Hohner MB Crossover? Its my favorite harp now. I still use the Special 20’s, but love the Crossover.

I have one and I like it. I don’t have the skills to get the full potential out of it yet but I’ll get there. I have noticed that holes 7 through10 are much easier to play on draw notes. I will get more later on.

I have a “D” Crossover. I like it a lot. It is, perhaps, just a tad bright for my tastes, but it a lot of fun to play.

If you like the Crossover, sometime, also try the Suzuki Manji (the harp Hohner copied when it came up with the Crossover). The Manji has the same feeling of “life and liveliness” the Crossover has, but its tone is just a little deeper and richer and its case feels smoother and less sharp.

Both harps have synthetic combs and unbraced covers with side-vents. The open, unbraced covers seem contribute to the harps’ liveliness and richness, perhaps by allowing the covers to vibrate more freely.

Or maybe the combs and open coverplates have nothing to do with it. All I know, is both harps are rich and lively (with the Manji having an edge on the richness quotient).

The Special 20 has been my favorite harp for over 20 years. But I really like the Manji and the Crossover. And the Manji is now my #1 blow. I am loading up on them.

(I also like the new Suzuki Olive, but I prefer the Manji.)

(the tonal differences between quality diatonics is subtle. If your budget is tight, Big Rivers and Folkmasters are fine harps)