Hohner Pocket Pal


I got a Hohner Pocket Pal some years back, please advise what level (begineer or intermediate) is this harmonica.

If possible, please also state which other harmonica available today does it compare with.


The Hohner Bluesband is probably equal to the Pocket Pal.

If you want an upgrade, a Special 20, or a Lee Oskar will work very well!


My mother just told me that they found my grandfathers old Hohner Pocket Pal. I’m really excited to get it. It will be the only thing I have of his. He past away in 87 and its nice to have something of his that I can remember everytime I play it.



i have a pocket pal in excellent cond. im going to be selling it along with my grandpops complete collectiopn (88 in all ) 40 of them are hohners. what would be a fair asking price for the pocket pal? if you would like to check out the harmonicas i am currently selling search by user on ebay. look up tannster99. thanks

Pocket pals do not go for very much. They are a lower tier harmonica, along the line of a Blues Band. The one I have is a Vest Pocket Pal. Most of the ones I see on-line only go for a 6 to 10 dollars.

thanks for the reply bones. on e-bay i seen a used pocket pal go for $16 tops. that was a vintage one. mine is at least 20 years old. i cant tell when it was made buy yea, $6-$10 seems to be the going price. i also have a special 20 i will be listing eventually. even the “special 20” dont seem like it will fetch more than $25-$30. one thing i did notice during all my research is that it seems to me the bigger harmonicas are selling for considersbly more than the little ones. let me know if there is anyone is looking for something inparticular, if i have it, i`ll list it. again thx for the reply. good day.