hohner silver star?

Has anyone played this harmonica and if yes what did you think of it?

IMO… It’s playable, but toy level/quality. I would stick with something in the $30 range. It would be fine for a beginner to see if this is really something you want to pursue. But if you want something to last several years and do all you need it to (like bending notes) I would stick with the $30 harps for a quality bottom end harp.

Double that Danish,

Pls see my first post on the same. Its a toy and very unmusical. This harp kept me unmotivated to start the learning which the Suzuki EZR helped breaking through. Though the 30$+ choice is advisable, I broke the first few lessons and got to shape with a 9$ Suzuki EZR and with adjsutments and gapping it sounds great. In fact I still like playing on the EZR once a while!