Hohner Special Twenty ...


Is this the one I should get? There are different “Special 20’s” so I am not sure which is the recommended one.

That’s the one. Hohner Special 20. The “starter” key is C, because that’s what all of the books, and on line lessons use.

I buy a lot of my harmonicas from Rockin’ Ron’s Music 4 Less. He’s always been very prompt and kind to answer any questions.

There are a ton of places to buy harmonicas.

Best of luck!


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Even here:


I know I vowed to make my stable a Spec 20 only farm, but I just bought a Marine Band.
Don’t kick me yet. Like I told Barry (one fine friend to all of us), my favorite local shop had a GREAT deal on one (the same shop with the Meisterklasse harps for $40…they still have one), and I wanted one wooden comb axe in the bunch.
I managed to get a little extra in my budget I could spend on a harp, and they actually let me try an unpacked model. Maybe a Spec 20 plays and reacts better out of the box, but this thing put my LO to shame in the bending dept. Old Lee still sounds great though. I started getting the bending thing GOING. Of course, I still bend like an old rheumatic mule, but the bends are actually going somewhere…at least a lot of them.
Anyway, it’s still Spec 20’s on my list for my Christmas stacking, and I’m hoping to fill up some Christmas panty hose with my Spec 20 surprises to myself (I want more than one key).


I'm hoping to fill up some Christmas panty hose with my Spec 20 surprises to myself
We know them long winter nights get cold and lonely up in them thar Carolina hills of yours...

But if you do find anything in your pantyhose besides Spec20 surprises…

Well Shiksa-Bob, make sure you take pics or better yet a vid to entertain the troops:

Jason Ricci Blows a mean Harp (While in Drag)

They’re a little binding for me Spud. I ain’t shavin’ my legs fer that.


waxing, laser, brazillian - whatever it takes… :-*

just what kind of trooper are ya when the show must go on… ???