Hohner Steven Tyler series

Has any one tried these I was looking for a special 20 around where I live. They didn’t have a special 20 but they said they have a Steven Tyler series made by Hohner and said it was comparable. I’m just wondering if anyone here knows?

Probably is a Special 20 with Steven Tyler, Les Stroud (one of those survivor guys) has a signature series that is a Special 20 with his name on the covers. I wouldn’t pay any extra for it myself. I find better prices online.

That’s what I was thinking. I don’t really feel like paying more unless it was something special. I did a little more research and found that it’s not getting very good reviews, so I found a place town over that has a special 20 A I’ll pick it up Monday.

I would definitely say look online for harps! Even with shipping you can find them pretty cheap, not to mention the bigger selection!

Peace Out!


If you are a raw beginner, I would recommend starting with a C harp.

I see Dylan sets are still available:


I already own 2 C’s. A Hot Metal and then I stepped up to a special 20. I am still pretty new, around two to three months now. I can play a few songs, just looking for something a little different and thought that I’d get a new harp in a different key.

Are the Dylan sets better than a special 20?