Hohner Super 270 Chromatic

My son gave me the money for a Hohner 270(165 + tax…Boy, I like that harmonica.Since I’m not that good bending notes I can play songs in a lower octave which sounds better than a lot of high stuff. I can also get those flats and sharps that I miss in a number of songs I play, mainly Gospel.John

When I expressed an interest in learning to play the harp, my brother bought me a 270 Chromatic. After very brief research I bought a diatonic to begin my journey. I have since become addicted to the diatonic. I still want to learn to play Chromatic but cannot at the moment. I still have hopes!
Good Luck on your Journey!

There’s room for both, but I find I play that Chromatic more and more. Mine is in the key of G.Love that sound.John

Yea, but it’s like building two houses at once. I’m afraid I won’t get either completed.

The Chicago style of playing chromatic can be achieved without using the button. A chromatic in C will give you D in third position if you leave the button out, Eb tenth position with the button in. Little Walter played this way using the slide for dips and flutters for the most part. I figured this out watching Carey Bell play years ago, and it was a door opener for me.
Soup Or President

Thanks supe ,but I’m not really into blues ,but rather country and gospel.John

I believe that was directed at me!
But John, From my little (and I Mean little) knowledge of the Chromatic, it is intended (maybe not the right word…Favors?) the melody parts of the songs, which would cover gospel songs. I like and play gospel songs too! I listen to Country but haven’t tried to play any yet. There are more lessons teaching blues and I figure I’ll do the transition later.

I recently accidentally discovered that Chicago Chromatic connection, but kinda shelved working on developing (copying) it because I thought it might be an obscur anomaly.

Can you reference some songs?

If your talking current players I would say listen to Mitch Kashmar. Harmonica Player of the Year Player, Awesome Great Harpist. Also look up Brandon O. Bailey, Todd Parrott, Jimmy Lee, and Annie Raines.
Any song they play!!!

Well, I just searched youtube on all those folks and did not find anything with any of them playing chromatic. Was that a reply to my request for Chicago blues on chromatic?

I did find this…,

Adler Trio - Fire!

Checkout Rod Piazza, William Clarke, Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, or George “Harmonica” Smith. All these players used chromatic quite a bit.

Mitch Kashmar is THE Chromatic player to listen to. He gave a lecture and demonstration about Chromatics at HCH last weekend that was AWESOME!!! He was voted Harmonica Player of the Year several years in a row.

obviously Michal Adler (with the Adler Trio) doesn’t play Chicago Blues. :wink: BUT - she does play the Israeli version of Smooth Jazz: from her solo Album:

מיכל אדלר - גשם Michal Adler - Rain