Holding with right hand Question.

Got my first harp yesterday. Get started guides said to hold in left hand, right felt more natural. So, when I looked up if I could use right, it sounded okay but they also said to turn it upside down. My question is, Why upside down? and should I do that if I play right handed?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Well big HOWDY and welcome.
Most people who hold with the right hand play the
harmonica upside down (this practice is used by many
left handed people). Most right handed players find
the right hand works better for hand technique that
can add vibrato or color tones somewhat.


But normal side up is still okay?

Well Bruce, I’ve been away a bit.
You may find that you will be better able to use your
dominant hand (right hand for you) for expression and
control. Fine work is usually best done with the dominant.
The secondary would still be called upon for some sensitivity
since you will do more than just hold the instrument with
right or left while playing.


i have never understood why people flip the harp. i hold my harp in my right hand but i dont flip it over