hole 4

Hi, i just started harmonica 7 months ago and i can bend all the notes on a c harmonica except hole 4. I know its the harmonica acting up because i tried an A and can bend that hole 4 but apparently its easier to bend that one so im not sure. I’ve tried opening the harmonica up and trying to fix it but cant because of my lack of knowledge. Should i keep on trying to get this hole 4 or just buy a new harmonica.


You can draw the 4 hole fine just bending is the problem…???

well if you tried cleaning real good and still doesn’t work …

I would concentrate totally on that 4 bend for 2 or 3 days…

If still doesn’t bend go buy another c harp then if that bends ok you know you have a problem
with the other harp…

My guess if you really concentrate for 2 or 3 days on just bending that 4 you’ll get it. (did it ever bend for you)???

I give you credit for even being able to bend after 7 months took me longer.

Harp on!!

Gee Mek…Sounds to me like it’s time for a little gapping and some maintenance on the reeds there! Here’s some different views from around the world to help get you started! Good luck!! Keep us posted!!

Reed Gap regulation

Oysler Harmonica Repair Video Sneak Peek (with reed gapping instruction) from Elk River

Jim’s DIY Harp Workshop 1 - Gapping

thanks alot for your help

Hey Mek,

Not sure what kind of harmonica you have but you might want to check out a Special 20. At your level this should suffice.

If you’re into technical stuff you might have fun with Reed Gapping but if you’re a beginner with limited time… and you’re goal is to become a harmonica player… spend your time practicing not gapping…

the special 20s are ready to go right out of the box…

If you like technical stuff you’ll probably like reed gapping… and it can take your playing to the next level… assuming you’re already a darn good harmonica player…

For overblowing gapping is pretty key.