Hole #7 went South

Ok, what is the fastest way to correct 7 blow, went flat. Sounds just about the same as 7 draw. I know that if you are tuning, you should remove metal from the end of the reed to raise pitch. And from base of the reed to lower. If reed replacement is required, having never replaced one, where would I purchase a new one? Harp is a LF, Seydel Blues Session.

Grab your harmonica reed replacement tool kit and…You do have a harmonica reed replacement tool kit don’t you?

Me, I only have the maintenance tools; still need to get the reed replacement tools.

But here’s a few ideas to help you along, Ty-Man. Hope it helps! Smiles!

Harmonica Reed Replacement

Replacing a single harmonica reed

How to change reeds & retune harmonicas

Ok, I need a complete tool kit. And… how do I save these video’s to my computer?

Ok, I need a complete tool kit. And..... how do I save these video's to my computer?

Tyson, remember that add on with Mozilla fire fox with the 3 rotating balloons while playing the video the balloons will
start to spin and you can down load the video to your computer. By clicking on the balloons.

Harp on!!

No, you don’t really need a complete tool kit. I just use a small, inexpensive jeweler’s file to tune reeds.

Here are some videos by Richard Sleigh on tuning reeds:

How to Tune a Harmonica - Lesson 1

How to Tune a Harmonica - Lesson 2

The 7 blow is an octave above 4 blow. So, when you play hole 4 and 7 (while tongue blocking all the holes in between), you will hear a beating sound if the 7 blow is flat. As you tune the reed up to pitch, the beating will gradually decrease…and in the end, it will be barely noticeable.

Here’s an article by Pat Missin on tuning harmonicas - http://www.patmissin.com/tunings/tun8.html

Good luck!