Home lessons, best way to go?

I know there’s millions of products out there for self teaching. I would like to know some of the success stories and what you used. I realize you tube is a good avenue, tried several already, would like some suggestions. I’m a beginner, I can bend notes, do scales, have some songs memorized, would like to take it to the next level. I had a book, cant find it for now, so looking for something new. Thanks!

Hi Grumpy, I guess it would be best to look for video lessons (free stuff on youtube - check out JP, Adam Gussow and Steve Baker) and harp literature. And of course taking lessons from a teacher will boost your skills (but is expensive).

Steve Baker’s Harp Handbook is a great book to constantly get inspiration from because it gathers knowledge on everything related to the Blues Harp including a lot of harp music theory and exercises. I can also recommend books from David Barrett, Dieter Kropp and Perry Letsch.