homemade mics

Harp Mic 1

tin harp mic test 2

Tin Can Harmonica Mic Sealed

ceramic mic test

can you tell us a bit more about how you made them, with what kind of cartridge ?

It looks like it’s just a soup can with a hookup attatched. And the last one looks like it’s a coffee mug with a hookup.

the first few are a tomato paste can with a baffle pop screen and ceramic element. plugs into a guitar cord. one is the tomato paste can thats actually my diddley bow bridge/pickup and im playing on the metal surface theres no holes, no baffle no popscreen. the last one is a bullet mic made of a gourd with a baffle popscreen and ceramic or dynamic mic i forget which one. i dont like soup cans theyre too big the tomato paste can is more comfortable. im playing through a pignose hog 20.