How Acquiring This Makes Anybody Sound Good – Maybe Even Better!

Okay – there’s one harmonica I left out of my earlier reviews. And for good reason. It helps to fill the bill for this topic!

Now whether you have invested in JP Allen’s home harmonica course dvd set or not, I believe you’ll still find this pretty amazing!

Yet presuming here you do have the course, on the listings of several dvds is a link for Bonus Lessons. One of the tracks is what he calls: “Gypsy Harmonica!”

The first time I heard and saw it, I played it several times, just over and over again.

This was really cool!

JP then goes onto explain that he did it all with a Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor in A (Am) harp. {Not to be confused with Lee Oskar Natural Minors…anywho!)

Not only did he do it, but you could do it too!

So that’s what I did. I ordered me one up from MusiciansFriend and then sat and played along with JP!

And it really does makes anybody (even me) sound good!

But here’s where it gets better!

One day, standing outside a fave Chinese restaurant, waiting on my order of eggroll and a cab to take me home, I got inspired. I took out my Golden Melody C harmonica, placed it between the middle and forefingers of my left hand; then took out my Lee Oskar Harmonic Am and placed it underneath between the forefinger and thumb.

Let me tell you, folks, it was Radical! Within a few minutes of playing, I was in the zone babe!

People stopping by and listening, just getting into the groove of it all! That’s what I’m talking about!

Thing is, I was only playing whatever came to mind. A little Oh Susannah here, a little MAS*H there. A little Muddy Waters and Sonny Terry thrown in wherever - Splitting everything up between the top C and the bottom Am – It’s completely different to say the least!

On another day, same location, same circumstances, guy walks over, takes one look at me, pulls out a set of spoons and starts tap, tap, tapping away!

It’s all good! It’s all fun!

So if you’d like to do as JP suggests and amaze your family and friends – As well as make yourself sound good, or maybe even better – Pick up a Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor in A (Am) harmonica! You’ll be glad you did!

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the props. It’s really great to read your review.

It’s amazing…I’ve had the same type of reaction for other.

I love turning people on to the A Harmonica minor harmonica.

I feel kind of like a dork that it’s currently sold out and not for sale anywhere.

I’m going to get busy printing some more copies ASAP.

If you send me an email at I’ll let you know the minute it’s available if you want to check it out.


A Big 10-4 on that, JJD!

Yet another confirmation in a long line of confirmations showing JP just how much he inspires and encourages peeps to pick up a harmonica and play!

I played your Gyspsy Waltz, with eyes closed trying to catch the nuances in it. Then clicked on over to your Godfather. The vid came up and I saw what looked like a tube, and not knowing what to expect my first impression was: OMG! The poor guy is on oxygen or something. :-X

Well, it was your amplified mic. Phew! Sorry, I just woke up and haven’t even had my coffee yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

So let me get some of that first; and since I just added you to my favorites/ subscribed lists, I’ll get out my Lee Oskar Am and try to play alongside ya there.

Laters JJD!