How are the harmonicas pitched

Out of all of the keys, which is the lowest pitch? I know that G is the highest note, but I think the G harmonica is lower pitched than a C. Can anyone help me out with this?

Found this( on Suzuki website (at the end)
According to them G is lower then C.

Hope it helps

Thank you, that does help. It looks like they make perfect sense except for G.

If I read it right, leaving out flats and special tunings it would be G A B C D E F from low to high.

You can also get a low-d, that’s the lowest pitched harmonica I’ve seen.

If you think low D is the lowest, check this out, Ben Bouman on a Seydel Low Low F harmonica.

Have Fun. John

Ben Bouman at the NHL Festival H2008, UK

Love that, Suzukisucker!


That’s AWESOME!!!

One octave lower that the Low F.

Seydel Low low F.

Thanks Suzukisucker. I’d love to try one of those some day!



Wonder if Mikepipe can play anything like that on his didgeridoo yadaki yirdaki thingamabob thingamajiggy…er pipe stuff?!

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