How can I do "accurate playing"?

Well I dont actually know if this is the name for what I mean…but I cant play any song “fast” and the deep relaxed mouth position doesnt seem to work with this.
I try to play a single note, so I need to cover the holes I dont use with my fingers, but I cant do this in DRM, am I doing the position wrong or something? JP says playing without the DRM is a bad habit, but I just dont see how i could possibly do “accurate playing” in that position

We will all admit DRE seems awkward at first but it will become natural and best in the long run. Try cutting small squares of electrical tape or using drops of nail polish under the even numbered holes. If you feel the lump in the center of your lip you know you are centered over an even # hole. If you feel the lump on each side of your lip and not the center, you will be centered over an odd # hole.
When you can move from one hole to the next comfortably, skip holes next, then play forward two back one.
Hope this helps!

Like PB said…its unnatural at first. But it works better in the long run.

You should look into the tongue or lip block positions, which is basically the DRMP with one of those body parts blocking the other holes! I think JP has a video on that…I’ll look into finding more info when I have more time, but just look up those positions on youtube for now.

I hope that made some sort of sense, but I’m pretty dain bread right now!