How do I create more complex sounds?

Hey everyone,

I got my first harp about a month ago now and have been learning some simple songs and have pretty much got the easy ones down, but I dont know how to produce any other sound than drawing and blowing, could someone please tell be how i can create more complex sounds?

also while i’ve been looking though tabs online ive seen notations like two numbers next to each other and numbers and letters. “32” and “3b” can someone explain please?



The b means that the tone should be bent down, this is also often notated like this: 3’, 3’’ or 3’’’. The amount of 's defining how many half step you are supposed to bend.

My advice is to not thing too much of this at your current level. Get a grip on the basic before you start worrying about bending.

Roffeyt, keep working on those simple tunes get them easy ones down pat. If you want to get a different sound you can try using your hands to shape the sound on them long notes…

Then look at all the free JP lessons he has on youtube go to youtube and search J P Allen harmonica that should keep you busy for a while. Then he’s got a dvd cd set for purchase which I used to get me started. That should keep you working hard for a year or so…Look into it for sure.

Harp on!!

Ah okay, thanks for the advice I’ll keep at it and look into the videos.

Thank you for the help. :smiley: