How do I do it?


I was looking and dreaming about new harps on the net, when I came across the Suzuki pro master valved. I want one of those, but can’t afford it yet for a while (if ever…).

This got me thinking "Can I do that myself?”
Can I use wind-savers from an chromatic harmonica?”

But… …how to do it?

Is there anyone out there who has customize knowledge on this? Please let me know.

I don’t know anything about this. Can I use chroma… oh… already asked that… sorry :-[ , But where to glue them? On which side of the reed plate? Blow or draw? What end?

Pretty please…

Maybe this can help. Start with the first ones from Brendan Powers and go through them. Good luck, Claes! Keep us posted! :wink:
Chromatic Harmonica Assembly Part 1
Replacing Suzuki Chromatic Reeds: Part 1

Yes, don’t waste money on this. I haven’t tried it myself, frankly I don’t think valves are all that. But here’s a tip I’ve gotten from someone who never plays without them (the guy in the video above actually): use syntethic leather. Cut them into tiny slices which will fit over the gaps (you can probably find pictures of wind-savers somewhere on the web). Just glue them on there. Syntethic leather won’t clog up the way plastic does. Only use this on the lowest reeds, further up you can use plastic.

Here’s the leather I was recommended:

The idea is to put vents over the gaps to prevent air leakage, knowing this you can simply experiment with different materials, maybe you come up with something brand new :slight_smile:

Although Bill Romel has passed away I understand his widow is still operating his harmonica supplies business.

I got a lot of windsaver valves from Bill Romel years ago. In fact I have enough to see me out. They dont cost much & are self adhesive ie easy to apply.

Try the following link to get email address for contact:-