How I Ended Up With Another MB Sorta by Accident

About a year ago I went to a local antique store and saw a couple of overpriced harmonicas for sale. Since I didn’t play then, I wasn’t really all that interested; but since I’ve started playing and needed some nails to replace the one’s I broke on my MB, I thought I’d see if they still had any.
Well, as it turned out, they still had one of those harmonicas–an “Old Standby”. But, when I opened the box I saw that it was a MB. The lady was pretty firm at $8, and I paid that for convenience’s sake, since it would mean I didn’t have to make a trip out to the hardware store and try to track down some little nails, make sure they fit, etc.
It’s not a pre-war one, but I was wondering if anybody knows how to tell their age. The one I got before that’s supposedly from the '70s looks almost the same, except the printing in the metal plates looks different. The grooves in this new one are more defined, whereas the ones in my '70s harp look like somebody made them by stabbing it many times with a pin. (Sorry, it’s a lousy description, but it’s the best I can do right now…)
My old one’s a G, which is what I need to play with my guitar. The new one’s an F, so I don’t really have much use for it right now.
Essentially, I wanted to check with you guys who know what you’re doing: is it okay to take this new one apart so I can use the nails for my other one? I got the picture from SPD before that MBs really aren’t worthwhile unless they’re pre-war, but I figured I’d double check.

I’m no historian or expert on old Marine Bands pre-war or otherwise…

Seeing as how you acquired it from an antique shop, well, methinks Dave Payne might be able to better help you on this one. He enjoys stuff like this.

His site is here:

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

I don’t know…but you might try googleing for a picture of what you think it is…and then trying to match them!

Or maybe post some pictures!

Peace Out!


Yes, I’m just itching to get my G one fixed up; so, being that it’s not a pre-war one, I may just start pulling it apart for pieces anyway… :slight_smile:
Depends on how much time I get to do any research on it.
Thanks for the tips, guys!