how often should you clean the harp?

i have a hot metal harp, i had it about a month and half now. i noticed that i was having a hard time getting some true sound out of it. i ran it under some water and taped it a few times and dried it off and taped it again to make sure i had all the water out. i left it air dry. i started play it again today, the low end sounds kinda echo’y and is real easy to blow through now. did i do something wrong or is it getting broke in?

You did nothing wrong really. Just remember when you run water through it don’t do it rushing water, just a light rinsing flow.
The hot metal harp is more in the toy line for children or beginners wanting to see if they are really interested in playing harp. It is not designed to last very long.
If you think the harp is for you, take a look at the Special 20 (around $30). It has a plastic comb that covers the reed plates. The plastic comb won’t warp and the covered plates are easier on the beginners lips and tongue.
This is just my opinion!