How to play "Cuck Ragan - Don't Cry"

Sorry, but i can’t find any tabs…could you help me please?!

Two Youtube Videos of the Song
Chuck Ragan and Jon Gaunt W/ The Cavaliers - Don’t Cry (Live at The Grist Mill)
Chuck Ragan - Don’t Cry

And the Song for guitar

I really love this song but it’s hard to find out what he’s playing exactly.
Would be great if somebody could up this for me!!



It seems so easy but i’m not able to figure it out :(.

Try the harmonica club! I hear there are some people over there that can tab out songs.
Wish I could do it, but not yet.
Good luck!

Thank you!!

Yeah, sorry bro! I don’t know that song…otherwise I might try to tab it. HarmonicaClub might be able to do it though!