How to play on chromatic harmonica

Hi to all, :slight_smile:
What is the best method for getting a single rich tone from a chromatic harmonica? e.g. Suzuki, CHROMATIX SCX-48.
Is it a good idea to say the word “KOOH” while blowing or drawing from a hole?

Howdy new friend.
Most info here will be for diatonics. Personally, I haven’t played a chromatic in years, and then I really only played with them. I DID buy a Hohner Super Chromomica (I only mentioned the full name because I’m super too LOL) 270.
Great instrument! I’ll be working on this one as I continue with my beloved MB and LO.
Hey SPD! You won’t believe what I paid for this or the guitar I recently bought. The 270 is NOS with original paperwork (big deal).
BTW, just relax and have fun with your new instrument.


Oh yeah? Well I got a Hohner Super Chromonica 270! ROFL!!!

Check out…ole @ge will take care of you on those topics!


Hey BT!
I’ve wanted to get another chromatic for a long time, but the price for something I really couldn’t play…well I couldn’t turn this one down at the price. Brings back childhood memories with my Dad’s big 64.


I hear ya bro! No offence meant, I hope!

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if that cash could have been spent on another instrument that I can’t play…say a tuba or something…

But I enjoy playing on it once in a while…though I can hardly do it…

I greatly GREATLY admire people like ole Toots Thielemans who play it with a magical feel…
Toots Thielemans - Bluesette

But someday I may yet achieve something close to that! So we harp on!

Peace Out Bro!


I personally advise against any chromatics of the lower class. Thus said, I think CX-12 is the entry model one should consider (if you take the Hohner model line). I’ve had several 270’s and 270deluxes for repair and… god should punish its engineers.

Well Jim, I got mine, new old stock, for $20. I’m not worried about playing it like a seasoned pro. I’m not one of those. I do happen to be a seasoned pro trumpet man, and I’ve played or warned against many low quality instruments. It’s not always the highest dolllar that gets the best quality, but you do have to put down a pretty penny still for fine craftsmanship. I usually play vintage instruments to get the quality, sound, and styling I prefer. But even a cheap horn is USUALLY worth $20 for the few months it will last a novice (unless it’s so bad it’s unplayable for a beginner). There are things I don’t like about this harp, so I’ll probably either learn to work on it or put up with it.
Seriously though, what would you consider an acceptable quality chromatic?


I personally favor the Seydel Saxony. It has stainless steel reeds, which means they will never get out of tune (and tuning a chromatic is a pain…). They are also very durable. It has very comfortable mouthpiece, and reliable valves. It just feels… reliable. When you bend a valve note for example, you don’t have that feeling that it will break.

Other good options are Hohner CX-12 (some say the CX12 jazz version is more comfortable), and Suzuki SCX.