how to play sharps and flats?

Hi! i started this message and got transfered to another place…dont know how that happened. I too am a senior and need to know how to post an original question…so I chose you to direct me…hope you dont mind. I have play harmonica, the simple tunes for a long time, but i never did learn how to play sharps and flats on a C harmonica without the “Chromatic” lever. I have watched the videos and tried to imitate but dont do very good and it is frustrating. Can u give any help, so send me to someone who can. ? Id appreciate it… reply to emai if you wish… Thanks

Hello Wthansen! (Wow! my fingers needed to type that one correctly! Be that as it may…)

Please let me/us know if you’re referring to ‘bending’ in order to get to those sharps and flats on your C harmoinca you’re asking about.

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Pick a hole and single it out. The 3 or 4 hole usually work pretty well. Now on the inhale say Weee Ohhh Weee Ohhh. The Weee should give you your unbent note and the Ohhh should flatten it for you. When you Ohhh your tongue goes up and to the back of your throat. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you. You may also have to breath in a little harder on the Ohhh to make it work.

You say you play simple tunes for a long time. Do you also play a chromatic as well as a diatonic? To achieve a full chromatic scale you need to be accomplished in achieving the full range of bent notes + overblows and overdraws. There are very few Diatonic players who actually can achieve this eg Howard Levy pioneered the technique of being able to play one key of harmonica in all keys chromatically.Diatonic harps need to be specially set up by a good customiser to work this way. Mere mortals trying to accomplish the same results usually have to use a Chromatic or change keys on their diatonics plus sometimes resort to using some special tunings. The alternative is to become a Maestro which will take a gifted player ca 10,000 hours of practicing scales & arpeggios in all modes.

However fortunately not many tunes call for the use of these skills. Maybe some classical or jazz pieces? Usually you can achieve a fit for most tunes using a variety of more easily learned skills like note bending or eg playing a tune in a different position (key) on the harmonica.