How to remove cover plate of marine band 1896

Dear All.

Please help to show me how to remove cover plate of marine band 1896 for maintenance. I think (just guess) it’s driven by 04 nails. Your express of experience this, is higly appriciated.
Thank you in advace.


Howdy Hng!

The best I can do for you is to have you watch some of David Payne’s videos. Below will get you started. And I’m sure you’ll find the answers throughout his vids.

He shows you how to open the old nailed down harp covers. You’ll need a good sharp strong knife so you don’t cut yourself either!

He’s a good teacher on it; I’ve actually purchased my Elk River harp from him; as well as learned how to emboss/gap my other harps too!

Good luck!

Keep us posted!
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